Comics and Science Fiction Bio

Mark is a well-known writer editor and publisher of comics, science fiction and fantasy.

He founded and ran Matrix Comics, an independent comic book publishing house. With Gabriel Morrissette, Mark co-created the cult classic Canadian superhero series Northguard and the bestselling political parody Angloman.

For a time Mark wrote comic book adaptations of Michael Moorcock’s Corum novels, as well as the newspaper comic strip adventures of the iconic Canadian superhero Captain Canuck. He also co-created and wrote the Canadiana and Haunting of MacGrath webcomics.

Mark co-edited the award-winning alternate history anthology Arrowdreams: An Anthology of Alternate Canadas (Nuage Editions, 1997) with John Dupuis, and Superhero Universe: Tesseracts Nineteen (Edge Publishing, 2016) with Claude Lalumière.

Mark’s shorter comic stories have appeared in outlets like Love Fantasy, Trollords, Gene Day’s Black Zeppelin and Panels for Primates, and his short prose fiction has been published in the SF magazines Would That It Were, On Spec, Thousand Faces and the anthology Island Dreams: Montreal Writers of the Fantastic.

Along with a number of other Canadian comic book creators, Mark is prominently featured in the 2014 documentary Lost Heroes: The Untold Story of Canadian Superheroes and in the 2016 documentary Heroes Manufactured: Comics Breaking Convention.

Mark shared an Aurora Award for Canadian science fiction with his Arrowdreams co-editor John Dupuis in 1999, and in 2016 he was inducted into the Joe Shuster Awards Canadian Comic Book Creator Hall of Fame.

Journalism, Communications and Media Relations Bio

Mark Shainblum is a journalist and communications professional. He has freelanced for The Montreal Gazette, Quill & Quire, Hour, University Affairs and Report on Business, among many other publications.

He has also worked extensively in communications, media relations, public affairs and digital media management in several sectors. including entertainment, post-secondary for McGill University’s Admissions Office, Faculty of Science and Media Relations Office. His other clients and employers have included the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, Airborne Entertainment, The Lady Davis Research Institute and the Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre.

Mark was born and raised in Montreal, and currently lives in Ottawa.